Roncesvalles – Larrasoaña: Stage 01

Many pilgrims decide to start the Camino in Roncesvalles. It is the first stage in Spain. Away from the big hills of the Pyrenees, we now find an easier way but also hard route. The first part is almost flat until Espinal. From there, we climbed up to the top of Mezkiritz until Viscarret. In Linzoáin we start to climb up to Alto de Erro. Then, we get down to Zubiri and we cross the river by the “Puente de la rabia” (Rage bridge). Larrasoaña is the end of our first step. We will cross the famous bridge “puente de los Bandidos” (Thieves bridge) to get our hostel.

  • At this stage you will find oak, birch, yew, holly and ancient pines. Enjoy the vegetation and landscape. You won see an environment like this until you are to Galicia.
  • If you’re going to spend the night in Roncesvalles, go in the evening Mass of the Pilgrim and receives the blessing before you begin your Way.

Images from Roncesvalles to Larrasoaña.

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