Sarria – Portomarín: Stage 28

This stage is the first one for many pilgrims because it starts close to the last 100 kilometers, enabling to achieve the “Compostela”, the official certificate of your pilgrimage. It is not a difficult step. The first 13 kilometers to Ferreiros are the hardest, with many false flats. The layout of this area wont allow us to keep a steady rate. The end of our stage is Portomarín, a village just across the Miño river, the most important river in Galicia.

  • The old Portomarín is underwater. They built a reservoir but the main houses were saved. Those houses are located in the new town. It is a village of great tourist attraction and its reservoir is much appreciated and enjoyed in the summer months. One of its typical products is the brandy.

Images from Sarria to Portomarín.

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