Prepare the Way of St. James.

The decision to start the Camino de Santiago cannot be taken overnight. It is very important to plan the route, be well informed and prepared for any unexpected surprise that can spoil us the journey. So we must think carefully about the choice of footwear and the preparation of the pack and of course, study in advance the different sections to see what we will find.



Elegir buen calzado es importante para el Camino de Santiago

Good shoes

The choice of shoes is a section that require careful thought when you’re preparing the Camino de Santiago.

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Para realizar el Camino de Santiago la mochila ha de ser ligera

A lightweight backpack

If we don´t want to be very tired we have to try to go as light as possible. We also avoid backaches. Our backpack should weigh as little as possible.

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Para realizar el Camino de Santiago es imprescindible informarse

Books and guides

It is essential to learn and know in advance what to expect and what places we can visit. It is a journey through ancient villages with much Romanesque and Gothic art

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La credencial es el pasaporte del peregrino

The Credential

The credential is the pilgrim’s passport, a document that you will fill with the stamp of all the hostels you sleep during the Camino de Santiago. you will be able to put the stamp of the sites you like.

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What care we give to our feet before and after? And the food? What nutrients should not miss us during the pilgrimage route? We can´t begin the way without answer all these questions. We will try to resolve issues in the following lines.




To enjoy the way is good to be in shape. Our training will prevent many injuries at once.

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el descanso es primordial

Prevent fatigue

Fatigue is one of our enemies for the route, but it should not scare us. Although it is normal to feel fatigue.

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Mimar los pies

Caring for your feet

If you do not take good care of our feet, we don´t get very far. They are our main allies and we must give them the care they deserve

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botiquín camino de santiago

Carry a first aid kit

When we prepare our backpack we will consider include a small first aid kit with the essentials.

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