Via Podiensis

The Via Podiensis, or Way of Le Puy, starts in Le Puy-en-Velay and continues until Roncesvalles where it  joins the French Way to reach Santiago de Compostela.

In 951 Gotescalco was the first pilgrim to leave Le Puy en Velaymand and reach Santiago. After him many religious orders built abbeys, hospitals and bridges to make an easy way for future pilgrims. This also contributed to the development of new towns and an important new route between Europe and the Iberian peninsula.

During our trip we will visit many medieval villages classified today as “The Most Beautiful Villages of France”. Romanesque art also stands on this route by France. A good example is the church of Nasbinals, in the Aubrac.

In these first 8 videos about the Way of Le Puy we will walk almost 200 kilometres to Conques, a medieval village in the Aveyron region whose basilica is a masterpiece of Romanesque Art.

Buen Camino.

Stage 01
Le Puy – Saint Privat d’Allier
We start the Camino in Le Puy en Velay, on July 25th, Saint James’s day. Mass at 07:00 hrs, in the Romanesque Notre Dame Cathedral, marks the beginning of this new adventure.
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Stage 02

Saint Privat – Auges
It is a period of a few kilometres, but many slopes that end up getting us tired more than they should.
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Stage 03
Sauges – Le Rouget
Today we have a stage between meadows and pine forests. The best known place is  Sauvage’s plain.
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Stage 04
Le Rouget – Lasbros
Some Romanesque art to start the day in Saint-Alban-sur-Limagnole. The stage is characterized by constant ups and downs to reach Aumont-Aubrac.
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Stage 05
Lasbros – Nasbinals
We have slept in Lasbros. Its hostel is a rural house. It’s very good. Now we walk through the great plateau of Aubrac.
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Stage 06
Nasbinals – Saint Côme d´Olt
Today we walk the last few kilometres across the plain of Aubrac. We arrive at the small town Aubrac, an Historic Monument declared by UNESCO, where there were a pilgrims hospital in the twelfth century.
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Stage 07
Saint Côme d´Olt – Golinhac
We wake up in the medieval village of Saint-Côme-d’Olt. And the following village is also a great place. It’s called Espalion.
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Stage 08
Golinhac – Conques
We will not find an open shop until we reach Espeyrac,  a 9 kilometres away from our start village. Later we pass Sénergues, a small town with castle and square tower of  XIV century.
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